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Hard water is the water that contains excess minerals and metals in them. Although it is generally safe to use, it can cause various problems in appliances.


When washed in hard water, your clothes may wind up wearing out and discolored and your dishes may wind up with white spots. Hard water can leave scales in your appliances. Water softening can help reduce this. We'll install and service water softeners.

Use Water Softener to Reduce Scale and Spots

Benefits of water softeners:

•  Easy cleaning

•  Faster water heating

•  Clean plumbing system

•  Efficient appliances

The mineral found in hard water can build up on the insides of appliances, shortening their usable life. This might decrease overall efficiency of appliances in your home. When Down The Drain Plumbing installs a water softener, it can make it easier to clean limescale on these appliances.


•  Faucets

•  Shower walls

•  Dishes

•  Shower doors

Extend the life of your appliances

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